Sweeten your event with a customized candy buffet!

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Candy Buffet
Remember that feeling when you were a kid - running up to your favorite candy, peering through the case, longing to grab a handful and enjoying the feeling of happiness once you had it? Well, now you can have that same experience at your next event or wedding!

Traditional weddings withstand the test of time and, at Simple Elegance, we work to enhance that tradition by adding an elegant candy buffet for guests, of all ages, to enjoy. Our custom candy buffets are hand crafted by our expert staff - carefully selecting the right type of glassware, designing beautiful tablefolds and favor boxes/bags, and providing candy options that will match your taste, your crowd and your colors!

Some of our options include:

The possibilities are virtually endless! We provide candy buffets for ALL types of events, including:
Candy Buffet Options


We have researched far and wide, explored our costs for supplies and labor and tried to figure out how to properly charge for X-amount of people per event, type of event, etc. Then it hit us - KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

Our price is $5.99/person. Depending on the number of people you give us dictates how many different types and amounts of candy we provide.
  • 1-24 guests | 5 candies
  • 25-75 guests | 6 candies
  • 75+ guests | 7 candies
  • Additional candy selection - $1.00/person
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